About Me

Welcome to Remote Working Adventure.  Glad you made it!   I’ve always been a connector and my hope is that you can find something here that you connect with and will help you along your journey.

How I got here

So a bit about me. Well my name is Shanna and like most of you, I’m searching for something.  And I don’t always know what it is.  So I pick something up, I try it out, I see how I feel and either I move on or stay with it.   Maybe through my trial and errors and successes you might learn what makes you tick, what you’re looking for, and what’s worth staying with.

What can I provide

I’ve always enjoyed sharing any knowledge with others that could benefit their lives. I feel that we are all in this together and by helping someone else, we help ourselves. So if I can make the journey just a little easier for someone else that’s all the reason I need.  And even moreso, if I can make you laugh, even if it’s at me, then that is an accomplishment in my book!

My hope

I’d like to show others, through my own journey, that there is not just one way to live this life.  That we don’t have to become a slave to the cookie cutter versions of ourselves that we are taught we must be in schools from the time we are 4 years old in order to survive in this world.  That we can make the decision early on to be who we are meant to be and not go through a lifetime of feeling like a stranger in our own skin.  As the departed Wayne Dyer always said, “Don’t die with the music still in you”, which can be interpreted as live your best life, and don’t put off for tomorrow what can be done today.

Thanks for taking the time to drop by! If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Shanna Stein


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