My journey to Affiliate Marketing – The Wealthy Affiliate After years

My journey to Affiliate Marketing – The Wealthy Affiliate

After years of imagining myself going to Thailand, I finally did it.  A month and a half before my date to leave, I booked it all…alone.  Two weeks in Thailand and one in Bali.  It was 2014 and it was definitely a memorable one.  Lucky for me I had a friend in Thailand who met up with me while I was in Phuket.  I wondered how he had moved from the States and was able to sustain himselfRemote working over there.  While it was cheap to live, eventually the money would run out.  He mentioned a term I had never before heard… “drop-shipping”.   I thought, “Well don’t we all drop off stuff when we’re going to ship it?”…no.  It’s not what you think.  Basically he told me how he is developing a website, and he is going to sell some big ticket items that cost thousands of dollars, but he won’t ever have to actually pick up or ship these items.  All the work will be done on the back end by the companies that he will sign contracts with.  Sounded interesting I thought.

After I got back home, I decided I would sign up for a Udemy course on drop shipping, so I could learn the ins and outs.  It was quite informative but I am no computer whiz, and it fizzled out soon enough for me.  I wasn’t ever able to build a website.  Things just didn’t line up and I didn’t have anyone to really ask for help in doing this, so while it was still in the back of my mind I figured I’d wait it out and see what else would come along.

In the meantime I usually found myself in one network marketing group or another.  I had signed up for Ambit in the past.  Laid out almost $500 to be welcomed in and never did a thing with it.  Not that it’s a bad idea.  People are making money off of saving people money on their energy bills.  It truly is a good one, but not a good one for me.
MLMAt the end of 2014, going into 2015 I was starting a new job, and was approached by a friend who was selling Rodan and Fields.  Since I was in the market for some extra income, I listened.  I told her that I don’t believe in chemicals on my skin, but she assured me that she had many friends like me and they all use the products and love them.  I have this FOMO (fear of missing out), so I said yes! And not only did I buy in, but I bought the biggest package you could possibly buy.  Big mistake.  These products aren’t me!  I’m the girl that uses red raspberry seed oil and pomegranate oil on her face.  I’m not the girl putting – how do you pronounce that ingredient? – on her skin!  I did try though, to sell the product.  I had the party, I enlisted my family and friends.  Dare I say, I even tried using some of them.  But again it fizzled out.

In 2017 after a terrible breakup I hit the ground running.  I came across an ad for shopify/dropshipping site and tools and invested thousands into these trainings.  And it did work, but the upkeep was so expensive that even with sales and ads I was not making anywhere near what I was spending.  I believe that these things can work, but it takes a large scale of sales to make back the amount you are putting in and with a job I just didn’t have the time to put all that work in or money to continually run and check my ads.  It’s still something I have on the side in case I decide to do it again, but I don’t think it was the best starting point.

yoga - essential - oils
I like to keep busy, so in 2018 I decided to sign up for a Yoga Teacher Training.  I love being around the “go green” type environment that this place had.  It always smelled of essential oils, which makes sense, since they were involved in network marketing for DoTerra.  For me signing up with DoTerra was a no brainer.  And I still use and love their products till this day.  But I never really became a big “seller” with them.  A “user” for sure, but not a big seller.  I bought so much every month.  I definitely was making someone good money!  As time went on I realized that while I love the product, I’m not going to go anywhere and set up a booth for people to buy my product.  I also found out that the price point on the products was not competitive in the market, and they were priced higher to be able to pay out the upline in the network marketing scheme.  So I moved on.  I’ll still purchase from them at times, but I don’t use them as my go to.

So now we’re in 2019, and while at a party a former classmate of my boyfriend introduces himself and his girlfriend to me.  Her and I start talking and before you know it I’m being told she will contact me about this “thing” that she can’t explain, but that they will be retired in their 30’s.  What is this I wondered…. Well we ended up meeting with their mentors and going to a few group meetings and its a great platform.  I must say.  It is not the typical network marketing scheme.  Their focus is on turning everyone into a leader first and foremost and then working in the vehicle of network marketing on the backend.   And we almost signed up for it.  The price point however, was not in our favor.  When all was said and done as a couple we would have been spending close to $16,000 a year.  And we probably would not have started to make anything back until a year or two in.  remote - working

Before we decided to turn down this mentorship opportunity I did some digging online.  I was trying to see if anyone else had had this particular experience and to be honest it was quite difficult to find that information.  But then…poof…I come across a website that has a guy similar to me, who has tried all these network marketing groups, drop-shipping too, and ended up with Wealthy Affiliate.  And as I’m reading his life story, I’m thinking…wealthy affiliate.  Why does that sound familiar?  I go to the site and lo and behold I have a login.  And more than that I have a site I created.  And in that moment I knew I had run away from home, but found my way back.

When you become part of any group, a great place to start is in seeing if you align with the values that the company sets forth.  Kyle, one of the founders writes in his profile “I have a new found passion — helping others succeed online”.  Does that align with you? because it sure does align with me.  Helping others to succeed in any aspect of life is so rewarding, and to be part of a community that truly wants everyone to do as well as they are is awesome.  I’ve been part of other communities, but there is nothing like this.  In other groups, advice was given sparingly and any real help cost extra, because the thousands you pay upfront is not enough.   But not here – here everyone is willing to help the other, because we all believe the simple truth, that there is more than enough to go around for everyone.

I grew up in a time where my parents often taught me that you get what you pay for.  I was primed to think that if something is inexpensive then it just isn’t that great, and that if something cost a lot then it will be much better and worth it.  Unfortunately, especially in this day and age, with so much competition, it just isn’t the case.  What I have realized is that the programs that cost a lot, are more for the simple fact that the owners of these programs are living off you buying the program.  If the program was so successful, they would be receiving enough referrals that they could lower the cost.  Think about it – supply and demand.  We all learned about this in highschool and college, and every day life.   So apply it here.  Wealthy affiliate isn’t “cheaper”  because it’s a “cheaper” program, but it cost less, because the amount of traffic it receives more than makes up for what is being lost in the cost.

If you love sharing your knowledge and helping others, and are interested in getting paid for it, this is perfect for you.  And if it’s not well then a free trial never hurt anyone, so click below and see where it might lead you.

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